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Perfume and Lavender Soaps Perfume and Lavender Soaps Perfume and Lavender Soaps
Just off the main Wexford road in Kilmacanogue, beneath the Sugarloaf mountain, in summertime you will notice a field with neat rows of purple-flowered plants. A magnet for bees, it is here that we grow the Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Camomile plants used in the making of perfumes, toiletries and soaps. Contained within the flowers and leaves of these plants are essential oils which can be unlocked by steam, causing them to evaporate. Our steam still draws out these oils, condensing and separating them ready to be filtered and used in perfumery.

Lavender is one of the oldest perfume ingredients, a favourite since the time of the Greeks and Romans, who also valued its medicinal properties. Roman soldiers on campaign used to cultivate lavender as they went, using it to treat their wounds. Today lavender is highly prized for its soothing, healing and calming properties in aromatherapy. Not tested on animals.

Connemara Perfume
Sonas Eau de Toilette 50 ml
Inis Or Eau de Parfume
Sweet Lavender Bath Salts
Naturally Irish Sweet Lavender Soap
Heather and Moss Bath Salts
Heather and Moss Bath Duo
Heather and Moss Naturally Irish Soap
Sweet Lavender Hand Cream
Sweet Lavender Shower Gel and Handcream Set
Inis Cologne  -- 1.7 Fl. OZ.
Lavender Soaps and Lotions
Inis Moonlight Esau de perfume
Caru  Eau de Toilette 50 ml
Patrick Cologne for Men
 NEW PRODUCT -- Deborahneill Seaweed Soap
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